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By Stone Paper, Inc., Los Angeles, California

Stone Paper Inc, a US based renewable material technology company out of Los Angeles, California is introducing a disruptive technology reversing the effects of climate change. The new technology will effectively change the composition of polymer-based products to mineral based products with the same functionality. Literally modern Stone Age come to life.
Stone Paper® newly disruptive technology will reduce environmental impact by repurposing mineral based composite waste for re-use in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, construction, defense, 3D printing, paper and board, green and clean oil and gas, carbon reduction technologies, and more.

Stone Paper® piloted the project and disrupted the traditional, cumbersome recycling process by introducing new repurposing technology in its mineral paper life-cycle. Recycling has been at the forefront of environmentalism for many years. Greenwashing has been embedded in every single industry. While it is great that people and businesses have become conscientious about the environment and are recycling many items, recycling is not a ‘clean' process itself, and only an interim solution to the waste problem. Considering only a fraction of all items, across all industries, can be recycled, this problem is destined to compound.

Even though there needs to be a shift to encourage the elimination of product waste and a focus on quality' over ‘quantity', sustainable lifestyle requires a tandem contribution throughout the entire supply chain. Stone Paper’s new technology achieves the long-awaited sustainable lifestyle by elimination of waste throughout the entire product lifecycle.